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Artistic Paw prints

Artistic Paw PrintsArtistic Paw Prints is a unique store in which you send us images of your pets and we print them on canvas. We have mulitple styles with just a few featured in our portfolio page.  We offer styles in the form off Airbrush, Oil Painting, Water Color (many people compare this to Van Gogh style), Andy Warhol, Stained Glass, and Electrified Neon. We can take the lowest resolution images and bring them to hig-resolution with extreme clarity. The process is simple.

Look Through our styles and pick the ones you like. Then you send us an image of your pet. We clean it up and bring it to a high resolution and format it into the style(s) you chose. Each 18" x 24" canvas costs $100 and comes with a protective coating against sun fading and wall hanging equipment. After you purchase, it takes up to 21 days for delivery and you will be given a tracking number. Unfortunately, the canvas company we use does not ship to P.O. Boxes.

Artistic Paw Prints is a small company that gives back to an animal rescue in California, Friends of the Formerly Friendless (FFF). Out of each $100 purchase, $25 goes to them. They work with local animal shelters and rescues. FFF takes in injured and sick cats and rehabilitate them so they may be adopted. For more information about them, please visit

Some examples are shown below.


  • watercolor (VanGogh)
  • Airbrush
  • Andy-Worhal
  • Neon-Glow
  • Stained-Glass
watercolor (VanGogh)1 Airbrush2 Andy-Worhal3 Neon-Glow4 Stained-Glass5